Interactive Public Displays

For Information Display or Retail Merchandising

Outdoor Touchscreens

Ruggedized outdoor touchscreens that operate reliably in rain, sleet or snow.

Available in sizes from 10" to 47" diagonal.

NEW: Gesture-controlled Super-Bright Displays

Works through glass, allows for customer interactivity by gestures or proximity sensing. Scroll through content by swiping your hand from up to one metre away. Various screen sizes available for custom applications.

Interactive Display Special Features

Interactivity can be incorporated into digital signage to create a user experience that goes beyond one-way communication. With embedded touch screens, movement detection, and image capture devices, clients can use digital displays to communicate with their audiences in whole new ways.

New options and possibilities are constantly being introduced into the market. Contact Luxtronix to learn more about the exciting display possibilities available.